Chakra Dressing with Priscilla Debar

#chakradressing is a project about showcasing women like us using daily activities, such as cooking, reading, laying down for a bit, dancing, lip singing, singing, baking, painting, to undress their mind from anything and everything. All of us have a different approach to this so it's very exciting to see how each month our different muses walk us through this process. We like to see this meditation practice as a very easy intuitive routine, and we have given names to each step of the process leading up to it to honor your time and to give this ritual the space and validation it deserves in our busy lives.

The three steps to flow into mindfulness

This month we're celebrating all the wonderful moms out there, who have inspired us to become strong, positive, and mindful individuals. Our muse for the month of May (and Mother's Day) is Priscilla Debar, mother to two-year-old daughter, Olympia and founder of FAUBOURG, a sustainable online store. She shares her steps into creating a work-life balance while walking us through her energy flow, meditative state, and energy cleanse. 


Priscilla Debar


A conversation on consciousness, motherhood, and entrepreneurship

"Our definition of feminism is really embracing womanhood. It’s not trying to be a man because I don’t think we need to be like them. We need to fully love the gift that we have as women and as creators. "

Priscilla Debar is the founder of FAUBOURG, a curated online store of "inspiring brands that design in an ethical perspective. These brands pay attention to what they make and how they make it. We love brands who use sustainable fabrics and make sure their workers are paid fairly, and make sure others are compensated in a decent way and given credit for their work–whether that be an artisan or a garment worker. It’s important to have a real collaborative partnership with all of the people involved in the production process.”

Priscilla and her daughter Olympia.

Daniella: How did you transition into the mindful lifestyle that became FAUBOURG’s mission?

Priscilla: As far as I’m concerned, it definitely didn’t happen overnight. After living in New York City for almost a decade, I felt exhausted. I had to take a step back and slow down. At that point in my life, I moved to Mexico. I went into a completely blank slate—a new country, a new culture, and a new everything. I looked back at what mattered to me the most and what I wanted out of life.

Left, Priscilla wears The See Through Me Tunic in Melao. Right, Priscilla wears The Besos Top in Silver Tiles and the Transitional Skirt.

D: Wow, I had such a similar experience when I took my trip to Mexico. Sometimes, you just need that break from the familiar. So how do you teach your daughter this way of living on a daily basis?

P: I want to think that children are the best human beings and then we get conditioned or miseducated into wasting and over consuming, so I actually find it relatively easy! I don’t have to correct that much because she’s marvelling at everything. She’ll pick up a stick on the street and it’ll be her favorite toy for the next couple of weeks. I teach her to respect what surrounds her because she’s learning. When you’re learning, you’re not throwing away, you’re actually taking in. Once you appreciate the beauty in things, it’s kind of intuitive for you. But, she is only two-years-old, I take responsibility for all sustainable or conscious acts. As a parent, you have to accept that you can’t monopolize what influences them from the outside world. What you can control is what values you’re sharing with your child and what should be important to her. And what’s important in our household is sharing, respecting, and being careful to yourself, to other people, and things, such as objects and food.

D: How did your mom inspire you?

P: First of all by being an amazing mom! I see her as my primary inspiration in many ways because she’s been through a lot of things and she’s a spiritual, strong person. I remember my mom, for me, as being the smartest person that I was around. Just the way she would find solutions to things. And I thought I was smart, but she really has the wisdom on top of it! She’s always managed to not only put food on the table, but she has given me this confidence of myself — knowing that if I am dedicated to a purpose, only I can stop myself. My mom did that for herself as well. This confidence showed through me starting a business because I come from a family of women who have started and successfully run their own businesses. No matter what my mom did, she just did with extreme dedication. Today, she’s decided to work in a non-profit foundation that raises funds and helps a number of different causes from healthcare to childhood education to music. What matters is whatever you choose to do, you just dedicate yourself to doing the best you can and she showed me that.

Left, Priscilla wears The See Through Me Tunic in Melao. Right, Priscilla wears the Tapao in Cloud

D: Entrepreneurship really runs in your blood! And it also seems that womanhood was a really important aspect of your family and heritage?

P: Oh yes, even my great-grandmother was able to start her own business of trading and designing imported textiles from places like Holland and West Africa to the point where her business became one of the largest traders of African print. Womanhood is extremely important to us and men were in the picture as well, but there was never a dominant figure in a sense that there was an imbalance of power. They were bringing something and women were bringing something else and both things were very important. So we never felt subdued. We actually felt we could reach whatever we wanted and not stepping over other people or men. Our definition of feminism is really embracing womanhood. It’s not trying to be a man because I don’t think we need to be like them. We need to fully love the gift that we have as women and as creators. 


D: What’s the big picture for Olympia and FAUBOURG?

P: I want to help give my daughter the best start in life and help her grow into a wonderful woman that’s confident and be able to do anything if she puts her mind to it. I was lucky enough to mature around women who have that kind of influence and inspire me by their hard work. They tend to share with other women as if they were part of a collective. Looking at that as something of giving and sharing with your mother, sister, or girlfriends is very important. I want Olympia to be loving of herself and others. As for FAUBOURG, I want this to become a place of inspiration to more and more women everyday. To live more consciously. It’s not just fashion. We want to show how beautiful it is when you know the meaning behind things. Ask questions and find answers. You start to live more intentionally. Fashion is one thing, but it’s a general mindset that we want to convey.

"A recipe that I make at least a couple of times a month as Olympia LOVES couscous and Dad and I love olives and fragrant food. Super easy."
Moroccan Olive Chicken
4-5 cloves of garlic
1 large onion
1/2 thumb size of ginger
1 chicken cut in 8-10 pieces
Chopped fresh cilantro (with stems) (to taste. I use about 1 small bunch)
Chopped fresh Parsley (to taste. I use about half a bunch)
1/2 jar Kalamata or other black olives
1/2 jar green olives (optional)
Preserved lemon (to taste. I use about 1/2 a lemon, chopped in small pieces)
1-2 sliced carrots (optional)
2 tbs olive oil
Secret Ingredient: Poultry spice blend from France
Veg option: replace chicken with Seitan

1. Clean chicken (rinse, rub with lemon cut in half and pat dry). 
2. Season chicken with salt, pepper, and spices except saffron (if you have time, do this the night before and let marinate overnight in refrigerator)
3. Heat up olive oil in a deep pan and sautee chicken. Once colored, remove chicken from pan and reserve in a deep dish. Remove burnt pieces from oil, if any.
4. In a blender, puree onion, ginger, garlic and 1 cup of water.
5. Pour liquid mixture into the pan and bring to a boil.
6. Add turmeric, saffron. Then add chicken (with all its juice), carrots (optional) and olives. Bring heat to medium low, cover and let simmer for about 20 minutes.
7. Add preserved lemons. Let simmer for another 5 min. 
8. Add the herbs.
9. Taste and rectify seasoning as needed
Serve with couscous, rice or boiled potatoes.

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