Fall Skirts with Madeleine

Madeleine: A conversation about passion, influence, and changing seasons

Introducing this season's skirts with Madeleine Wallace: 22 year old Brooklyn-born artist, student, and environmental activist. She's currently studying (and super passionate about) Environmental Policy, specializing in microplastic pollution research and legislation. What an empowering babe! Between her film photography and screen prints, she creates impactful imagery inspired by symmetry in nature and organic movement.

Ajaie Alaie: A little summary about you, your work, and what you're passionate about? What inspires your art?
Madeleine: I'm 22 years old and born and raised in Brooklyn, NY. I'm an artist, an environmental activist, a musician, a scientist, but there are no boundaries! It feels weird self-describing as a renaissance woman, but others have used that term so I'm comfortable with that :) I am always operating on, and working to invoke, empathy and empathically-driven conversation in this world plagued by disconnect. Music happens to be my catalyst for emotionally connecting with people and nature -- TV on the Radio's Kyp Malone is producing my first album -- and so my inspiration is the beautiful cacophony of sounds and colors and emotions swirling around me. 

AA: Honestly, so empowering! What got you to where you are today? What sparked this interest into partaking in such varying (but still interconnected) realms of environmentalism and art/music?

MI think art and music are such great vessels for unification and the sharing of important messages. I didn’t choose to become an artist, but my environmental passions led me to plastic pollution research — now I can be a creative advocate with a science background, which I think is rare.

AAYes, super rare! I feel like you're able to connect two audiences/ideas simultaneously. On a smaller scale, is there something you do in your every day life to encourage a zero waste lifestyle? For example, we eliminated plastic packaging and only use mesh bags to package our merchandise.

Yes, love this question — There are a few single-use products I’ve replaced with reusables that have totally changed my footprint and habits, but my number one is my (Klean kanteen) insulated mug. I use it every single day. And, if you’re on the go and forgot your thermos or can’t carry one, just go ‘topless’ and strawless! I now view plastic water bottles as kind of traditionally nerdy, sort of the same effect as someone wearing crocs with socks. They’re going out of style. And, if you need more motivation, tap has been proven significantly more pure than bottled! 

AA: What does the changing season mean to you and how do you prepare for it? Any routines? Something that you're excited about?
M: I love the changing of the seasons, especially fall to winter. For me it means the animals going into hibernation and the need for warmth and comfort. I tend to practice more self care in the colder months — I love oils and creams because my skin gets quite dry. I've just begun really massaging my face with oils (rather than spreading it on for a few seconds). I also love my matcha...so the insulated mug is back on the grind. And because it's a cozier time I tend to create more — I have been getting into oil painting lately, and gotten my friends doing some knitting, embroidering, flower dyeing. And it goes without saying but.... big skirts and sweaters and boots are my jam.



Thank you Madeleine!


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