We've been dropping hints here and there about our new Made-To-Order initiative (your excitement about this project energized us, even more, to carry on). Thank you for all the support!

 For the past year, we've been rethinking our production process and the time feels right to make some changes:

 We are redesigning our supply chain to make it more cost-efficient and environmentally friendly.

 We are also working towards making sustainable fashion more affordable, less wasteful, and more size inclusive.

It is no secret that the fashion industry is one of the biggest pollutants on this earth. Poor fit, quality, wearability, or simply surplus are the main cause of this non-stop waste. The hundreds of chemicals used in the process, the scrap waste and overproduction all end up in landfills, our waterways, or incinerated into the air contributing to global warming. 

As the young designers of this generation, I feel it our responsibility to lead the way into what sustainability really looks like and walk the talk. Today's technology allows brands like us to reach you directly and cut down cost to almost half, while still keeping the process sustainable. (cheers to technology!) As times change so should our shopping habits. We want to be part of the solution by supporting conscious consumerism. 

Made-to-order cuts down waste by nearly half. Only what is ordered, gets produced. This means only the fabric needed will get made, dyed, cut, finished and shipped. All the resources and efforts to make your garment, from growing the fibers to shipping your orders are all appreciated and never wasted. Made-to-order also allows us to offer more sizes. Keeping inventory is expensive and uncertain and instead of thinking about the odds whether it will sell or not, why not offer it first and then make it?



  Better Materials

We have always been about the materials we source. Natural fibers that feel good to the touch and even better on the skin. To us a garment is great when materials and craftsmanship, work together for the longevity of the garment. We know that online shopping doesn't offer a tactile experience, therefore, it's our promise to you that our fabrics will always be of high quality, made of natural fibers that are good for you and for the environment. Think organic cotton, Belgian linen, Japanese cotton poplin, and Italian woolens. Because we will only buy what we need, we are confident in investing in the best fabric for you. 

 More accessible price points

Since the beginning, our goal has been to be an approachable brand and make sustainable fashion more accessible. Compromising on quality or materials has never been an option for us, as it would go against our sustainability efforts of making long-lasting garments. Our made-to-order model will allow us to price our pieces 30-50% lower than they would in the traditional retail model. Our hope is to be as accessible as possible and make pieces that you will love for years. 

  Extended sizing

We are happy to introduce Plus and Petite sizing! Because we will reduce resources and materials normally used to stock on inventory, we will be able to allocate those materials and resources to orders in sizes we were not able to offer before. 

  More Sustainable for you and for the environment

With all of the above, made-to-order is a great sustainable model for you as a consumer and for the earth. Your conscious purchasing choices will have less of an impact on the earth, and in turn, less waste will end up in landfills, waterways, and our air. Collectively, this can avoid tons and tons of waste and collaboratively reduce carbon footprint.




1. A new style will launch every few days

2. The style will be available for you to order for 7 days only.

3. After 7 days orders close and are sent to our workshops in India to get made for you.

4. You will receive your purchase within 4-6 weeks. 

Please read here our Return policy on Made-to-Order




 Your active sustainable choices are having a positive impact on waste reduction
 By producing only what is ordered we are able to work with superior materials that are better for you and for the environment and inspect every piece to perfection. 
 4-6 weeks is a worthwhile wait for a garment you will love to wear time and again for years to come.
  You will really value each garment exclusively made for you and mindfully consider what its next life will be when you're ready to pass it on. 


Please read here our Return policy on Made-to-Order

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  • This is so awesome! I’m glad brands are starting to think more about cost and size inclusivity. it’s SO important. Keep up the good work!!!

    • Heather