Spring Fruit with Xotchiltl

We're feeling the warm weather! In celebration of this upcoming season, we're honoring our mesh bags. Just one year ago, our designer, Daniella, re-thought our use of plastic and the effects it has on our planet. Through thinking and research, she designed a mesh garment bags with a future purpose of being a home for your fruit, plants, clothing, you name it. Her goal was to decrease our carbon footprint while inspiring others to do the same by utilizing the mesh bag that comes with every garment. Let's say no to plastic!

For our "Spring Fruit" project, we had a huge help from our lovely friend, Xotchiltl Vasquez. A total babe. Outside of her natural beauty and her contagious laughter, she's very down-to-earth and in tune with her cultural heritage. In this project, Xotchiltl twirled in a mesh bag skirt — inspired by Josephine Baker's banana skirt — and some new spring pieces. 

Daniella: What do you do?
Xotchiltl: I’m a consultant at a boutique brand research and strategy agency. 

D: 2 adjectives that describe you?
X: Adaptable, impatient + analytical (which is just a positive way of saying i’m an over-thinker haha) 

D: So intrigued since adaptable and impatience can be opposites hehe. D
o you have a hobby? A hidden talent?
X: I've never been able to make a hobby stick for long, or nurture a talent. I'm a dilettante through and through — and have made a career out of being a generalist, so maybe that's my talent?!? 

D: Where are you from?
X: Born and raised in Northern Virginia (aka suburbs of DC), but my whole family hails from the tropics of El Salvador.

: Something you love about your background?
X: Background as in my cultural heritage? That's hands down pupusas, if you haven't had them you're missing out. Also this: my great grandmother was my babysitter growing up and she used to make me learn poetry/songs to perform for my parents in the evenings. Because in her day that's what evening entertainment was. (Now I get home and just watch Netflix all night... So, there's that.)

D: I love that!  So romantic. Can you name a song and a poem that you remember singing?
X: The only one I remember right now went like this:

"mi madre es una rosa, mi padre es un clavel, y yo soy un botoncito acabado de nacer."

   Thank you Xotchiltl for dancing in our meshbags and giving us a taste of your wonderful self.

Show us how you #MeshYourFresh on Instagram and shop Xotchiltl's pieces here!

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