This is our garment bag

Working in the fashion industry since her arrival to NYC to pursue a degree in Fashion Design at FIT, our founder, Daniella became quickly familiar with the ins and outs of the industry. From the supply chain to the retail floor, she couldn’t ignore the fact that every single thing she came in contact with, whether it was fabric or final samples, came inside single-use plastic packaging. Each item was individually packaged. Very soon after she founded Ajaie Alaie, Daniella knew she could not commit to utilizing single-use plastic. Thus, the mesh bag was born.

Each Ajaie Alaie piece comes with its own mesh bag for you to keep. In lieu of traditional plastic packaging that immediately gets thrown away, we wanted to make something that adds value to you. Whether its a holder for your fruit, delicates, or handbag essentials, you’ll find that it becomes a part of your everyday life. Take a few to the farmers market and fill it up with ingredients for your next meal. Utilize it for your laundry by keeping your delicates separate while you wash and dry. Pro tip: Keep a handful of mesh-bags in a mason jar, along with an organic cotton hand towel, collapsible steel straw, and beeswax wrap. Ta-da! A sustainable kit for your daily travels! You’re welcome ;)

The thought behind rethinking a garment’s packaging was to make the shopping experience less wasteful and more valuable. The packaging wasn’t the only part of the supply chain that we’ve improved. Yep, we’ve ditched printables and instead e-mail things like receipts (which are non-recyclable) and packing slips. You’ll even notice that your pieces will simply come in recyclable and biodegradable mailers and a Thank You note.

#meshyourfresh — thank you for joining along on our journey.

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