For next season, we will slowly be releasing a very special capsule in honor of my Colombian roots. I want to incorporate the beautiful legacy left by our ancestors in my pieces to highlight pre-colonial work. This is a work in progress as I study my own roots to try to find answers about my own identity as a Mestiza woman living in the US. Mestiza is mixed race ancestry with white European, indigenous, and African. 

With our work, we want to start meaningful conversations to highlight a side of history that has been forgotten. We want to shine light to the Pre-Hispanic creative geniuses before their art began taking Spanish and African influences after colonization, and we want to honor the importance our ancestors played in what we are today.

The gold work we are drawing inspiration from comes from a tribe that very little is known about, but the legacy they left behind is magnificent gold and metalwork that later evolved to have more European and African influences. 

The denim pieces available now feature pocket embroideries of Breastplates dated circa 500 A.D. Breastplates with divergent spirals were common in the archeological regions of Zenu, Tairona, Urabá, and Lower Central America. The Spiral is frequently related symbolically with the development of time. 

As we release more pieces, we will add the backstories to this blog to bring context, meaning, and beauty to our pieces. We can't wait to show you more!






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