Note from the Designer

It all really began after a sequence of chain of thoughts. I wanted to create clothes, but meaningful clothes. I thought to myself that something sustainable is the route I wanted to take, but would this create the kind of consciousness that would make this world a better place? I thought it needed to go beyond that. I started having conflicting thoughts on how I wanted my garments to influence the wearer and I came to the conclusion that the only way to make the world a better place was to become it-a better place(person). Any kind of goodness we want to see reflected on the world has to first start with ourselves. If we are kind to ourselves then we will be kind to others, if we love our selves then we will love others too. These are the things we all seem to know, yet things we take for granted as a given, or as beautiful sayings that we have read somewhere and we take it for true, but in reality how much of it do we really practice? I don't believe self-awareness is practiced as much as it should because we get carried away on our daily routines and our priorities are most of the time tied up to other things outside of ourselves. 

We wear clothes everyday and in a way it is becoming disposable. When I thought of making a connection through clothes the chakras resonated with me a lot. Most of the time when I design I listen to mantras so I think that eased me into the conclusion of how I could make that connection to make it a meaningful one. Not only would each piece have a meaning, but it would also become a reminder in our everyday lives. Chakras are very important energy points from where thoughts and emotions generate, and they are also connected to your organs so I think it's very important to bring awareness to them. By keeping the chakras aligned we become better selves and one by one will eventually become the whole (world ideally). By constantly practicing self awareness and self-love we are keeping our chakras aligned and this will then transcend to other types of awareness outside of our selves. 

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