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I get a lot of my inspirations from India. My husband is from India and hence we travel twice a year to visit family. Since my first trip, I have loved the essence of India and that's why I decided to center my designs around their textiles. When I visit, I always make sure to squeeze mini-trips to visit the villages where they handloom textiles. It clears my mind, it puts me into perspective and I find it so fascinating to learn their techniques and learn about their lifestyle–It's very inspiring in many ways. Several of my silhouettes are inspired by the Indian sari, for example. The double drape sari dress from FW15 and the Culotte Jumper from SS16 are both inspired by the diagonal lines of the drapes of a sari. I find diagonal lines to be so elegant yet casual at the same time.

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  • Beautiful post.! Very inspiring, makes me want to visit India now. And I do see the worldly elements in all your designs. Each of your piece comes out as an art, more than a design. Congratulations !

    • Sayam