For a really long time I had been thinking of ways to change my packaging to consume no plastic. Garments typically come from the factory individually wrapped in a plastic polybag and when they ship out to customers the poly bag is removed. At the end of the day I used to end up with a huge puff of plastic bags that then I put remorsefully into the trash can. This hurt. This pained my consciousness. This questioned what I do. After thinking and thinking and researching I came across the mesh bags already being used for produce. Ahhh... what an aha moment. Reusable, and see through. It was important for them to be see through for customs clearance and for locating styles and sizes once in the studio. I thought it was perfect. A mesh bag to be used towards something that still gets packed in plastic all the time- fresh produce. It took 2 days from conception to ready made bags. With the collaboration of my factory who collaborated with this so swiftly the Ajaie Alaie mesh bag was born within 2 days of my Aha! moment. I couldn't have been happier to have finally solved this problem for me. I know theres many more environmental issues, but this is a start for me and for many, I hope. As a clothing company we are constantly thinking of ways on how we can leave a smaller footprint in the environment and this change is just the beginning for many to come in the near future.  

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