West Coast Feels

On a recent trip to the West Coast I got a good dose of nature, but it left me wanting for more. I was able to reset after finishing up my spring collection and it was a good moment to wind down before market week began. Living in New York, I never think of how disconnected I am to nature until I go somewhere green and everything wows me and nature becomes a wonder to me. Maybe it's a a good way to appreciate nature and never take it for granted.  Well, on this trip I really felt connected to the earth and I was on my #meditativestate constantly. While driving from San Diego all the way up to Seattle we passed by sceneries that made me question the validity of many societal view points. This earth is so vast, so beautiful, that in it we are just little creatures amongst the many other little creatures. While driving through Yosemite park, Big Sur, and Crater Lake national Park, thoughts that never really surface living in a big city, began to come to my mind. I've always supported accepting others for who they are, but whilst submerged in nature I felt really small and free. Free of judgement. I felt really far away, inspired, and I allowed myself to feel what I had been wanting to feel but hadn't been able to. Thats when I realized, or when I actually put it into words because I think I've felt it before but never actually said it at loud " We stop feeling what we want to feel because of what we think is the right way to feel" Our feelings are being managed by society and we need to take back the control, and a way to do this is by being one with nature. Nature allows us to see what we want to see, it gifts you with pure air, colors, and it gives us many answers.  things that I've been wanting to feel but  I came to realize that acceptance towards others is one hundred percent possible because while passing through thousand year old trees that have seen it all and are still there, I came to realize that we will be okay and it's okay to be who you are because the constraints only come when society steps in. It's okay to do what you want to do, It's okay to think what you want to think, and it's okay to be who you want to be. All it really matters is the good intentions inside of you and how true you feel towards your actions.

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