Knitted in Peru

Peruvian Alpaca

The warmth, effortlessness and comfort that knits bring to cooler seasons inspired us to create our first knitwear capsule collection, made from Alpaca fleece in Peru. Our sweaters will add just the right amount of flair to your favorite pair of jeans or your go-to trousers, and our knit dresses will uplift you, allowing you to move freely, with ease.

As with everything that we craft, we wanted to be involved in each step of creating our knits. We didn't want to outsource design just because it was our first time doing knits; instead we wanted to make them from scratch. Being from Colombia, it was also important for me to be able to do something close to home, and to create work in South America. We found two incredible factories in Peru that valued our labor and environmental ethics, and we were struck by their craftsmanship. We didn’t think twice to begin our knit journey with them.

Peruvian Alpaca was our material of choice because of its lightweight, breathable and versatile qualities but also because of the ethical treatment in the process of making this yarn. The sound treatment of Alpacas in the sourcing of its fleece was very important factor for us. The Alpaca is revered in Peruvian culture, dating back to Incan times. They are well-respected, well-cared for, and never harmed for their fleece, and the shearing process adheres 100% to ethical standards of animal treatment. Alpaca fleece is a luxurious yarn that is found high up in the Andes, and its sourcing also helps promote sustainable agriculture in that region, but it’s sustainable practice also comes with a bonus-  A little less known factors, are also the hypoallergenic qualities Alpaca offers because it does not contain oil or lanolin. It’s also non-flammable, and water-resistant. It’s also a very soft yarn due to the composition of flat, thin scales of the yarn eliminating itching, and contains thermal regulating properties – causing a cooling effect on warmer days and retaining body heat on cooler ones. We couldn’t have chosen a better yarn for our knit capsule collection– Ethical, practical, and good looking.

Finer than cashmere and warmer than wool, our Peruvian Alpaca knits have been crafted with the Ajaie Alaie ethos of mindfulness in our thoughts and actions and unconditional love. We hope you love and care for your piece for many years to come.


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