Our Modal Knits

 When we first discovered modal, we couldn't help but fall in love with its soft drape, sleek texture, and handfeel. Jersey modal is slinky, yet able to hold its shape and. Think of modal as the in-between of cotton and silk. Cool enough for the summer due to its moisture-wicking capabilities, but just warm enough to maintain heat when you want it to. And yes, you can put it in the wash! This no-fuss fiber has less shrinkage than cotton and is more resistant to creasing and pilling than cotton. 

Modal pants in Aqua


How do you care for modal? We suggest machine wash cold on delicate with like colors and we prefer to lay flat to dry because it minimizes the energy used, but you may also tumble dry in gentle cycle if you are in a rush. Modal is great at absorbing and maintaining colors, but we do suggest to launder it cold with like colors just in case!

Where does modal come from? Belonging to the rayon family, along with viscose and lyocell, it can be classified as a renewable cellulose fiber as it comes from beech trees (pulp). It is a semi-synthetic fiber (it's classified as "synthetic" fiber because it's a manufactured fiber, not because it contains any synthetic fibers) but it is responsibly-manufactured. Lenzing is one of the largest manufacturers of modal and ensures that all the chemicals are captured and reused during pulp production using an environmentally-friendly method, making it a closed-loop process.

modal dress in espresso

Is it biodegradable? Yes! and compostable. 

 modal pants in latte


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