Snake scarf | Limon


Hand knitted long scarf in a blend of alpaca and merino wool 100% Peruvian highland wool. Highland wool is famous for its unbelievable softness and warmth while still feeling weightless and luxurious. We designed the Snake Scarves with the test of time in mind therefore you will find them in three classic colors. A true high-quality staple to keep around year after year.

This scarf is hand knitted in the region of Puno in the highlands of Peru by the CMA- Coordinadora de Mujeres Aymaras. CMA is an association that works with the Aymara indigenous community to strengthen their knitting skills and empower them to expand their craft internationally. The CMA program has trained them to knit with precise measurements and to follow designer specifications and the result has been rewarding for them and for us. They get to supplement their incomes consistently, and we get beautiful hand-knitted pieces filled with charm, character, and that human touch.  Click here to meet them.


· Bright green  
· 72%  baby alpaca 28% merino wool
· Hand wash cold and lay flat to dry 
· Handloomed Knitted in Peru


Total Length- 78"

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