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 Explore our collection of versatile scarves and throws made especially for your curated wardrobe. Inspired by sustainability, comfort, and made to last our scarves are made to be worn every day and styled easily. Our range of colors complement the various colors that may already exist in your wardrobe and will pass the test of time. 

We work closely with our partners in Peru to make sure our products are made ethically under sustainable practices and of the highest quality yarns. Baby alpaca fibers are ethically shorn from a specific part of an adult alpaca and this specific fiber is desirable because of its beneficial characteristics, such as it's resistance to wrinkling and odors, it's hypoallergenic qualities and how it feels luxuriously soft against the skin. It's also a natural fiber that is biodegradable. Read our story to learn more about why we choose to work with Alpaca fibers.