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Rwana Blanket Scarf | Lila Melange

Made from one of the finest, lightest, and softest fibers, 100% baby alpaca. Wear it around your neck on very cold days, as a shawl on chilly days and take it on your travels for a 3 in 1 accessory. It could be a light blanket as well. 


Baby alpaca fibers are ethically shorn from a specific part of an adult alpaca and this specific fiber is desirable because of its beneficial characteristics, such as it's resistance to wrinkling and odors, it's hypoallergenic qualities and how it feels luxuriously soft against the skin. It's also a natural fiber that is biodegradable. Read our story to learn more about why Alpaca was our fiber of choice for this collection.

· Lilac

· 100% baby alpaca 
· Made in Peru
· Green dry clean only
· Measures 51" x 78" (130 x 200 cm) 


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