Collection: Shawls and Scarves

Manjar Shawl

A project inspired by the sentiment of "how are you doing, really?"  Most times we are our hardest critics, but we are also our best advice if we listen closely to our hearts. To truly get out of my comfort zone and to challenge my thoughts I took a series of self-portraits to depict my inspiration and to experience the self prejudices I impose onto myself when I think of exposing myself to the world. The Manjar Shawl is an ode to self-love. Shawls hug us warm and when it's cold I don't go anywhere without my shawl. Shawls also make me feel good. There's some sort of magic in the drapery and the way it hangs that regardless of what I wear I look put together. Manjar means delicacy in Spanish, and this shawl is a true manjar for your neck.  made of 100% baby alpaca it's as soft as a cloud and deliciously warm.