Collection: The Seasons Dress


 The Seasons Dress depicts the four seasons wanting to remind us of the beauty of the in-between and the beauty in imperfection. In line with our SS19 inspiration of Wabi- Sabi, Danielle, from Flora + Form, painted the four seasons in a refreshing perspective and we transformed it into a modern, easy going print. The strokes, the lines, and the flow of the dress are representative of the lightness and comfort that we could allow ourselves to feel if we accept things as they are and we go with the flow of the uncertainties that life brings our way– Embracing imperfection along the way.





"Wabi Sabi; among other things, a concept of solitude, transience and beauty in imperfection, was the driving force behind our collaboration with Ajaie Alaie. Drawing from our favorite muse, the design used for this dress was inspired by nature and its annual evolution, the four seasons. Symbols of nature's birth, growth and rest are cohesive with our philosophy and we felt this was the perfect project to embark on with Ajaie Alaie; a brand who's own philosophy and mission we align with and admire deeply. The Seasons dress was made to wear through all of your personal changes and evolution. We hope you enjoy it as much as we did creating it."-Danielle, Flora + Form 



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