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This is a made-to-order item. Please allow up to one week for your shawl to be embroidered and shipped. 

Manjar means delicacy in Spanish and it's often used to describe what we all know as Dulce de Leche. This shawl is like a manjar for your neck– soft, full, and warm.  Made from one of the finest, lightest, and softest fibers, 100% baby alpaca these shawls are luxuriously soft to the touch. They feature a small hand-embroidered message in Spanish at the edge of the shawl that only you will be able to see. It serves as a small love reminder for yourself or for your loved ones as it makes for the perfect gift. Because this shawl will be especially hand-embroidered for you, you can choose your favorite phrase to be embroidered- 

"me quiero, te quiero, nos quiero" I love myself, I love you, I love us"

"Conmigo para siempre" With myself, forever or with me forever

"me encanta pensar en ti" I love thinking about you

About this project

This project was inspired by the sentiment of "how are you doing, really?" and the fact that to love others we must love ourselves first, confidently. To truly get out of her comfort zone and to challenge her thoughts, Daniella, founder, and designer, took a series of self-portraits to depict her inspiration and to experience the self prejudices one imposes onto oneself when we think of exposing ourselves to the world. The Manjar Shawl is an ode to self-love. The embroidered sentiments are by Daniella herself in her native tongue, Spanish.

" Spanish possesses the romantic fluency that allows me to say a lot with very few words"  


Baby alpaca fibers are ethically shorn from a specific part of an adult alpaca and this specific fiber is desirable because of its beneficial characteristics, such as it's resistance to wrinkling and odors, it's hypoallergenic qualities and how it feels luxuriously soft against the skin. It's also a natural fiber that is biodegradable. Read our story to learn more about why Alpaca was our fiber of choice for this collection.

· Pistachio (light green)
· 100% baby alpaca
· Made in Peru
· Green dry clean only
· Measures 24" x 78" (60 x 200 cm) 


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